The rest of the horses are at the Beauty Salon! More pictures soon!

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Snow Cam


I'm the veteran here. Done it all, seen it all, I will make you look good! All you have to do, is ask! My color is called Bay Roan, I think that's short for Great Ranch Horse! By the way, Corine loves me!

Charlie Davidson

I got my name when Doc was on his way to buy a Harley, and his good friend Steve said "take a look at this horse!". So much for the Harley! I grew up in the show ring, reining and cutting. I'm Doc's favorite!

Little Doc

I'm ranch bred and raised, making big circles on a Montana cattle ranch. What I lack in size, I make up for in ability. I can do it all!


I'm the ladies' favorite! Need a handsome escort for a trail ride? Look no

further than me! And don't take it personally if you see me with some other gal, it's just business!


As the baby of the bunch, and Doc's second favorite, I have to prove myself every day! Just because I'm young, doesn't mean this is my first rodeo! I still got lots to learn, but plenty of time to do it.


Oh yeah, I'm a bad boy! Good lookin' too! Want a lock picked? Fence jumped? Gate opened? Truck ransacked? Your horses bullied? Packs carried? Horses ponied? Or babysitter for a new rider? Call me!